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Why Do People Cheat? Discover Some of the top 5 Reasons:

If you have ever been in a relationship chances are you have gotten cheated on. Maybe you have been the one doing some of the cheating. Have you ever found yourself asking why? Have you gone from relationship to relationship cheating on your partner? Have you been the one who has been cheated on? Why do people cheat? While the circumstances vary from person to person and this list is not meant to be comprehensive at all, let’s explore some of the top 5 reasons people might cheat: read more...

My Partner Has Cheated! What do I do?

You have recently found out that your partner has cheated on you. You feel devastated, sick to your stomach and angry. You find that you can’t sleep, eat, or enjoy your normal life anymore. You have constant thoughts of revenge and you feel violated because after all you put your trust in them, you believed in your relationship and they have betrayed you. You find yourself caught between wanting to leave and working through it, but how do you decide if you should leave or stay? What do you do? read more...

1 out of 4 Marriages End Up in Infidelity: How to safe Proof My Marriage Against It!

What does safe proofing my marriage really mean and why is this so important? Safe proofing your relationship simply means spending time having an honest dialogue with your spouse about the steps each of you are committed to take in order to protect your relationship from third parties. When you do not have this dialogue and you leave it up to chance you might encounter infidelity. let me start by saying that 1 out of 4 marriages end up in infidelity according to statistics today. read more...

Is your Passion gone? Five Tips to Reconnect with your Partner Today

We are meant to live in relationship with people. This is when we find ourselves to be most fulfilled - that is - when these relationships are positive and bring about the best version of us. However, what happens when conflict arises? When we are filled with the daily stresses of life and we don’t give our relationships the constant priorities that they deserve? When the kids tug at us for attention and we no longer have adult time? We lose connection with our significant other and we start to feel unfulfilled with our partners. read more...

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