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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can result from exposure to trauma. PTSD involves four main types of symptoms:

1. Re-experiencing (repeatedly reliving) the trauma.

2. Hyperarousal. This includes sleep problems, anger/irritability, concentration problems, always feeling on edge or on guard, jumpiness, and being easily startled.

3. Avoidance of trauma reminders. This may include trying not to think or talk about the trauma, or trying not to have feelings about it.

4. Emotional numbing. This includes losing interest in activities that used to be important to you.

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The symptoms of PTSD are often accompanied by other problems, such as depression/hopelessness, drug/alcohol abuse, relationship problems, pain and other physical symptoms (e.g., headaches, stomach upset). Symptoms of PTSD may not emerge immediately after the traumatic event. Sometimes it is weeks, months, or even years before the symptoms develop. This is not a condition you need to live with forever. Although we cannot change history, we can change the way your history affects your life now. You can recover from your traumatic experience(s). For more information about treating PTSD give me a call and schedule an appointment at 949-424-3084.

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